The 360 Degree Business Parks will provide immense exposure, offering the local people something to be proud of. We are committed to reform, we are invested in evolving our processes and thoughts, constantly pushing for higher standards across quality, technology, engineering, functionality and sustainability.


  • 4.2 Meters

  • Adequate car parking is provided at basement and surface level.

  • The tower has 12 passengers Destination Control System elevators and 2 heavy loaded Service Elevators for smooth, uninterrupted movement

  • 11*10.2M Grid

  • Expansive and wide lobby in every dimension with floor to floor height of 9.1 meters

  • All reputed service providers are available in the region. The building has a fire hydrant system, a sprinkler system with water curtains for fire compartmentalisation in basements, fire water storage tanks at basements and terraces. The internal hydrant system is provided with dedicated wet risers up to the terrace with landing valves adjacent to fire escape staircases. Hydrant ring main with yard hydrant landing valves is provided outside of the building. Dedicated wet risers are provided to connect the floor-wise sprinkler network. The entire design is per the NBC & local fire authority norms.

  • High performance facade

  • The structure has 17 levels; the ground floor has a double-height interactive lobby and G+14 floors, with two levels of the basement, each of 5 meters in height. The typical office floor has a height of 4.2 meters between two slabs.



Primary Variable Pumping System
Cooling Tower with VFD High Chiller Efficiencies
Water Cooled Chillers with VFD
Natural Fresh Air Intake Noise Levels Filters


Lighting Fixtures
Total Electrical Infra De- signed
Renewable Energy Sources of Power


Toilet Water Closet
Urinal with Auto Sensor
Wash Basin
Health Faucet
Pantry Faucet



Make life at 360 Degree Business Parks easier with our mobile and desktop app-based concierge service.

Commute Personal Care Amenities Home Services Community Services
Integrated Digital Platform For An Elevated Experience
  • Amphitheater Booking
  • Wayfinding Map
  • Gym reservations
  • Fine Dine Reservations
  • Space Reservation in Rejuvenate park
  • Visitors pre-request access
  • Umbrella facility for rain

Our concierge services include F&B orders, party orders, vehicle services, celebrations arrangements, and delivery of birthday cakes, flowers, etc. With access to a 24/7 help desk that can be used to raise tickets via email, call and portal, occupants and visitors enjoy a seamless experience.


Your Space

Amenities in a workspace are no longer about time spent snoozing. At 360 Degree Business Parks, we offer an array of facilities within an amenities block that caters to quality time. Inspired by London's famous Canary Wharf, this floating building is designed to celebrate communities and promote interactivity.

The large interactive open space, water body, open working zone and celebration zone, together pave the way for healthier communities.


360 Degree Business Parks offers an enhanced user experience with a comprehensive facility management service. Equipped with an in-house facility management service team, we offer 24/7 support and immediate access to experts who are at your beck and call for any operational needs.

Key Focus Areas

Operations Excellence
  • Adoption of Best Practices
  • Optimal Resource Utilization
  • SLA / Performance Management
  • Audits & Certifications
  • Sustainability Goals
  • Zero Incidents
  • Meet OSHAS Standards
Technology Enabled Service Delivery
  • Smart Building Operations
  • Self Reporting Assets
  • Efficiency & Seamless
  • Customised Reporting & Dashboards
  • Drive Innovation
  • Right Hire
  • Training Calendar
  • L&D Plan for CBRE Team
  • Cross Training
  • Partner Training
Customer Centiricity
  • Elevate the Service Levels
  • Create Differentiation
  • Achieve customer Delight
  • Amenity Spaces
  • Listening to Customers
Service and Support Plan
SL No Service & Service Heads Headcount
1 Management Team 10
2 Security Services 25
3 Soft Services 35
4 Electromechanical 20
5 Landscaping 10

We offer digital compliance with realtime CLRA and statutory tracker and state-of-the-art Building Management Systems to provide real-time data for energy consumption to occupiers.